Creepy Carriage House Group Shoot

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Since it’s October Isabel got the Group Shoots Planning & Info Facebook folks together in Vermont to shoot in a place that restores horse drawn carriages.
It had lots of dark and scary spots to pose models in all sorts of outfits.
Amanda is at the top, ready to do in someone with those scissors and crazy eyes.
Hales Bug is just always looking cute.
Becca covered gothic to crazed killer.
Kiti Gunn was doing tarot readings and looking like a black magic woman.

Update. I just found this had not published on October 19th 2018.

Sarah at Westfield Falls

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Sarah contacted me through Instagram and asked if I would like to work with her and I immediately said yes. I checked Connecticut Waterfalls for a location near her and went with Westfield Falls.

She was great to work with and went in the water. It was a warm day for fall, but we finished up quick.


Becca at the Big E

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A post by Becca about how she likes going to the Big E in Springfield MA and an Instagram post by Isabel of a shoot she did with Lauren inspired me so I messaged Becca about setting up a shoot at the Big E. I had worked with Becca previously at the Pool Party group shoot at the beginning of the month. 

We had a great time on the Midway with the lights and made a lot of images together.