Sarah at Westfield Falls

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Sarah contacted me through Instagram and asked if I would like to work with her and I immediately said yes. I checked Connecticut Waterfalls for a location near her and went with Westfield Falls.

She was great to work with and went in the water. It was a warm day for fall, but we finished up quick.


Natalie Doing Yoga in Hartford

Natalie and her sister own and operate the Vasu Tribe Studio and Spa in Hartford. I first encountered Natalie at the Om Street 2017 event in West Hartford and connected through Instagram. We were able to get together and roam through Hartford near her studio and found great locations that she had wanted to do a shoot at including the CT Fastrack station and an underpass on Capitol Avenue with some colorful graffiti.   I love working with other creative people. You get so much more out of the effort. You can follow her Instagram @yogi_on_fire as well as @vasutribeyoga

Yoga with Shannon at Riverside Park

I came across Shannon on Instagram through this post and reached out to her to see if she would be up for a photo shoot. We had great weather and a fantastic shoot. She is vrey creative and a lot of fun to work with. You can follow her at @shannonb317

Keriann at Elizabeth Park

Keriann is just starting out as a model but is also a photographer, so she understands both ides of the camera.
We got together at Elizabeth Park in Hartford for a shoot in between the rain sprinkles. A little rain did not stop us.

Karli at Riverside Park


Karli is just starting out as a model but has a lot of great ideas and a whole lot of energy.
We got together at Riverside Park in Hartford for a quick late evening shoot and captured some of that energy.

Fashion Shoot with Trinity

Trinity is a musican and artist in Hartford. We did an evening fashion shoot at the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford
You can also find her on Instagram

Evening Yoga With Jessica

Jessica is a new to modeling. She is a Yoga instructor and Personal Trainer.
We got together at the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford to do some yoga photos.

Sabine at Enders State Forest

Sabine has been dancing for several years, but just recently went pro doing weddings and corporate gatherings. She liked the work I had done with Lisa at Enders State Forest so we set up a shoot there.

Nneka at Riverfront Plaza

Nneka is a new model that is in CT for only a short time for an internship.  We went out to Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford to do some fashion shots.

Dancing with Melissa at Enders State Forest

Melissa is new to modeling, but not to the stage. She is a dance performer in North Hampton.  I really enjoy working with creative models. By taking them places like Enders State Forest, they get inspired and their performances are always amazing.]