Late Fall Trucks and Girls

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This is another post I found that never got published. (sigh)
This was a group shoot with big rigs and pretty girls organized by Isabel.
I did a number of looks with Taylor who always looks great in any setting and vehicle. I think it was the last shoot I did in 2018 before life side-tracked me.

Creepy Carriage House Group Shoot

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Since it’s October Isabel got the Group Shoots Planning & Info Facebook folks together in Vermont to shoot in a place that restores horse drawn carriages.
It had lots of dark and scary spots to pose models in all sorts of outfits.
Amanda is at the top, ready to do in someone with those scissors and crazy eyes.
Hales Bug is just always looking cute.
Becca covered gothic to crazed killer.
Kiti Gunn was doing tarot readings and looking like a black magic woman.

Update. I just found this had not published on October 19th 2018.

Pool Party Group Shoot

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A Pool Party on Memorial Day Weekend is a time when you have cookouts, hang out by the pool, and have a group photo shoot with gorgeous models.

Amanda (shown at the top) and Isabel put this one together through the Group Shoots Planning & Info Facebook group. I got to work with four models I have not worked with before Becca, Holly, Hales Bug, and Sam. Two from the Hot Rod Hunnies shoot, Jolene and Kristle were there as well. Also featured were a large, pink Flamingo and a Flying Unicorn floatie.

What a great way to end the summer

Hot Rod Hunnies Group Shoot

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The Hod Rod Hunnies group shoot had been rescheduled to due rain a couple of times (see Rainy Day Shoot), but the weather was good and Isabel brought us back together at PFP Studios through the Group Shoots Planning & Info Facebook group
This group is great for meeting new models like Jolene, shown at the top, Stacy, Brittany, and Kristle. I also got to work with a favorite, Taylor

The Rainy Day Group Shoot

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I am part of a Facebook group that plans Groups Shoots and we had a Hot Rod shoot set up for the weekend. Unfortunately, the forecast was for rain, so the group scrapped getting cars and just decided to get together to shoot models in the rain. As it turned out, no rain. We did have one truck available, Rusty, which is a model favorite.
The model at the top is Isabel
There are more photos from this shoot on my Facebook page in the Rainy Day Group Shoot album

BOHO – Tie Dye – Hippies Groups Shoot

Had a great time at this group shoot organized by Isabel and PFP Studios.
It had all the hippie elements, black light, bare feet, flowers in the hair, hoops, denim, and even some rope work.

The model at the top is Heather
The other models are Grace, Paige, MissyDaniellea, and Taylor