Savana and the Alfa Romeo

I had the opportunity to shoot again with Savana. This time we went to Great River Park in East Hartford to shoot with the Alfa Romeo. Parked on the boat launch so Hartford was in the background.

New Model: Savana

Savana is from Hartford Connecticut. Not only does she model, but she is an instructor at Pole Control Studios.
We shot at Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford.

New Model: Kenzie Marie

Kenzie is from Hartford Connecticut. From the first shutter click she was at the top of her game and did not stop. Great personality and stage presence.
We shot at Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford.

New Model: Lissette A.

Lissette is an up and coming model in Hartford, Connecticut.
We shot at Riverside Park in Hartford, which is great in the early morning. Lots of soft light and great locations, including a playground, the gazebo and the walkway over Route 91.

New Model: Carlina Zu

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford, CT is another of my favorite outdoor locations. Go just before sunset and the lighting is amazing and the variety of locations just cannot be beat.
Carlina is a new model in Hartford and was a delight to work with.

July FNS Group Shoot

Back to FNS Studios for their July Group Shoot. Lesley has these once a month and they are a great meet and greet opportunity as well as a chance to expand your portfolio.
They have a terrific space to work in, both indoors and outdoors and the models, hair stylists and makeup artist are always first rate.
The model at the top is Kim