Belly Dancing at Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT is the oldest municipally operated rose garden in the country. It makes for a great place to shoot. I have shot there several times with CONNetic Dance

The roses come into full bloom at the start of summer, so I set up a shoot with one of my belly dancing models Lisa, AKA Carrara Nour. As a professional dancer, Lisa collects belly dance costumes like photographers collect equipment. And she had just acquired some new ones and was ready to do a shoot.

CONNetic Dance at Enders State Forest

Went out to a favorite spot nearby, Enders State Forest. There are some great water falls that are easily accessible. I have shot there with several models.  This time out it was with CONNetic Dance. They planned out what they wanted and we got to it.

FNS Group Shoot

This is a great group to shoot with. They have a terrific space to work in, both indoors and outdoors and the models, hair stylists and makeup artisit are always first rate. Great meet and greet opportunity as well as a chance to expand your portfolio.
The model at the top is Palo