Sabine at Enders State Forest

Sabine has been dancing for several years, but just recently went pro doing weddings and corporate gatherings. She liked the work I had done with Lisa at Enders State Forest so we set up a shoot there.

Ainsley at Harkness Park

Ainsley is a belly dancer and a PhD candidate in middle eastern studies. We have worked together before. We wanted to do a shoot at another of my favorite locations, Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford CT. We had a great day for shooting and made some exciting images.

Belly Dancing at Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT is the oldest municipally operated rose garden in the country. It makes for a great place to shoot. I have shot there several times with CONNetic Dance

The roses come into full bloom at the start of summer, so I set up a shoot with one of my belly dancing models Lisa, AKA Carrara Nour. As a professional dancer, Lisa collects belly dance costumes like photographers collect equipment. And she had just acquired some new ones and was ready to do a shoot.