Late Fall Trucks and Girls

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This is another post I found that never got published. (sigh)
This was a group shoot with big rigs and pretty girls organized by Isabel.
I did a number of looks with Taylor who always looks great in any setting and vehicle. I think it was the last shoot I did in 2018 before life side-tracked me.

Cars Before Color Group Shoot

(featured at the top sitting in Bad Luck) manages a Facebook group, Group Shoots Planning & Info with PFP Studios for getting Models and Photographers together for making images
She comes up with great themes and this time it was Cars Before Color, challenging the photographers to work in Black&White imagery.
To quote Barney Stinson “Challenge Accepted!!”
The other models are Jean, Janet and Antonia

Cars and Girls Group Shoot

Went to another group shoot at Dave’s secret location, this time with cars including a Mad Max’76 Ford Falcon. The owner had imported it from Australia and rebuilt it. Very cool car!
The model featured at the top is Nilka.

Savana and the Alfa Romeo

I had the opportunity to shoot again with Savana. This time we went to Great River Park in East Hartford to shoot with the Alfa Romeo. Parked on the boat launch so Hartford was in the background.