The best camera is the one you have with you.


The title is a phrase that came to mind recently. I had just come out of my local grocery store when I saw the cloud formation you see in the photo
I pulled out my smartphone (currently the Samsung Note 5), launched the Adobe Lightroom Mobile camera app, composed and made the photo.
Well, I started the process at that point.
Here is what it started out as from the camera.


I’ve been playing around in Lightroom mobile since I saw this presentation by Elia Locardi on YouTube.
The photo was captured in Lightroom Mobile as a RAW DNG (Digital Negative) which captures a great deal of information.
Since I have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop, the image was then sent up to the Adobe cloud.
When I got home, logged onto my desktop and opened Lightroom desktop, there was the photo, waiting to be further processed.
The Note 5 does not have a zoom lens, so the “zoom” I had done on the phone was basically a crop, that the Lightroom camera app put in the file information, so Lightroom desktop showed what I wanted to zoom in on.
I got the image close to what I saw in Lightroom, then brought it into Photoshop to put the finishing touches on it. Once I was done in Photoshop, it came back into Lightroom. In Lightroom, I can publish directly to my website without having to export the file to a hard drive, then log into the website and then upload the file.
So throughout the process I did not have to move files around at all. Everything was managed in Lightroom.

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