How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Took a week long trip out to Yosemite. I had not been out there since I was 7 in 1969 and before I knew who Ansel Adams was or had picked up a camera. So it was interesting to see the park with adult eyes and after seeing photos by Adams of the park over the years through the different books I had collected. His photos are great, but seeing the sites first hand is just amazing. It was fun making my own photos of the area.

Exploring the Waterfalls at Enders State Forest

Enders State Forest is close to me so I have used it many times for model shoots. This time, no models. I just wanted to explore and play with long exposures.

The best camera is the one you have with you.


The title is a phrase that came to mind recently. I had just come out of my local grocery store when I saw the cloud formation you see in the photo
I pulled out my smartphone (currently the Samsung Note 5), launched the Adobe Lightroom Mobile camera app, composed and made the photo.
Well, I started the process at that point.
Here is what it started out as from the camera.


I’ve been playing around in Lightroom mobile since I saw this presentation by Elia Locardi on YouTube.
The photo was captured in Lightroom Mobile as a RAW DNG (Digital Negative) which captures a great deal of information.
Since I have a subscription to Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop, the image was then sent up to the Adobe cloud.
When I got home, logged onto my desktop and opened Lightroom desktop, there was the photo, waiting to be further processed.
The Note 5 does not have a zoom lens, so the “zoom” I had done on the phone was basically a crop, that the Lightroom camera app put in the file information, so Lightroom desktop showed what I wanted to zoom in on.
I got the image close to what I saw in Lightroom, then brought it into Photoshop to put the finishing touches on it. Once I was done in Photoshop, it came back into Lightroom. In Lightroom, I can publish directly to my website without having to export the file to a hard drive, then log into the website and then upload the file.
So throughout the process I did not have to move files around at all. Everything was managed in Lightroom.